Peer-review Process

Every article submitted to the journal is subjected to strict plagiarism checks through our double-check process involving software and manual checking. Once the article passes through this step, articles are subjected to editorial review for scope, relevance, and other standard requirements.

Peer review is a major quality maintenance measure for any academic journal. In this process, experts in the relevant fields analyze the scholarly work from every perspective, including its writing, the accuracy of its technical content, its documentation, and its impact on and significance to the discipline.

Reviewers play a pivotal role in scholarly publishing, and their valuable opinions certify the quality of the article under consideration. Peer review helps to ratify research, establishing a standard for evaluation within research communities.

Maples Scientific Publisher journals employ the peer review process in order to maintain academic standards and ensure the validity of individual works submitted for publication. In addition, Maples Scientific Publisher follows a single-blinded peer review process, to ensure impartial editorial decision-making.

Depending on reviewer commentary and recommendations, manuscripts may be sent back to authors for revision. After the assistant editor receives the revised manuscript, it is assigned to the reviewer(s) once again, for approval of changes. But the final decision to publish is made by the Editor-in-Chief.

Maples Scientific Publisher is following different review strategies for each and every individual journal as per their editorial board guidelines. In general, the following stages of the review process table explain the overall outline; however, the respective editor can change the general review policy as per their editorial board members' interest as and when required. Majorly, Maples Scientific Publisher staff will do only hosting, PDF formatting and design, communicating review process and there is no control on content and editorial practice of journals as it varies from journal to journal and editor to editor. Most of the Maples Scientific Publisher journals content is published under creative commons attribution license, and Maples Scientific Publisher is not responsible for the content of individual authors and their articles. All the journals articles were published under the discretion of respective contributors.

Stages of Review Process

  1. Submission
  2. Registration
  3. Assessment of Quality Control and adherence to Aim and Scope of the Journal
  4. Editorial Assistant Assignment
  5. Reviewers Assignment
  6. Reviewers Comments
  7. Editor In Chief Decision
  8. Revise/Accept/Reject
  9. If Revised: the manuscript is sent back to the author for Revised Submission. Once the revised submission is sent again assigned to Editor In Chief
  10. If Accept: Manuscript is sent for final editing and then the manuscript is sent for Publication
  11. If Reject: Manuscript is returned to the author with rejection note and justification.
    Peer review Process Stages.png