Editor Responsibilities Toward Authors

  • Providing guidelines to authors for preparing and submitting manuscripts
  • Providing a clear statement of the Journal’s policies on authorship criteria
  • Treating all authors with fairness, courtesy, objectivity, honesty, and transparency
  • Establishing and defining policies on conflicts of interest for all involved in the publication process, including editors, staff (e.g., editorial and sales), authors, and reviewers
  • Protecting the confidentiality of every author’s work
  • Establishing a system for effective and rapid peer review
  • Making editorial decisions with reasonable speed and communicating them in a clear and constructive manner
  • Being vigilant in avoiding the possibility of editors and/or referees delaying a manuscript for suspect reasons
  • Establishing clear guidelines for authors regarding acceptable practices for sharing experimental materials and information, particularly those required to replicate the research, before and after publication
  • Clearly communicating all other editorial policies and standards

Source: Council of Scientific Editors

Editor Roles and Responsibilities

Editors of scientific journals have responsibilities toward the authors who provide the content of the journals, the peer reviewers who comment on the suitability of manuscripts for publication, the journal’s readers and the scientific community, the owners/publishers of the journals, and the public as a whole. 

Publisher Role

Journals published by Maples Scientific Publisher are following a timely and rigorous peer-review process to bring recent and novel scientific information at its best possible mode. As a publisher the following policies are in practice:

  • Supporting fair and timely Peer review process with valuable inputs from the responsible Editors and Reviewers.
  • Adhering to the guidelines and procedures designed to ensure the fair and best practices followed in the industry.
  • Improving the overall process and enabling better production support and global dissemination of the information published in the journals.
  • Ensuring smooth functioning of web development, web management, and social media management for journals and articles with the help of the staff members.
  • With the vision to make valuable scientific researched information “Open Access”, Maples Scientific Publisher is striving towards designing and launching innovative ways to showcase the research to the world.

Responsibilities of Editor and Editorial Board

Editors have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the published literature, if required, by publishing errata or corrections identifying anything of significance, retractions, and expressions of concern as quickly as possible. The editor must comply with the policy guidelines provided by the publisher and fulfill the responsibilities bestowed upon with integrity.

Review process: Editors are responsible for monitoring and ensuring the fairness, timeliness, thoroughness, and civility of the peer-review editorial process. Timely suggestion to the respective journals for covering relevant and significant topics by the Editor is essential for the growth of the journal.

Towards Readers and Scientific Community

To ensure that the content or the author information present in the manuscripts is legible.

To evaluate all manuscripts such that they fall within the scope of the journal.

Maintain the journal's internal integrity by suggesting the corrections, dealing with retraction, supplemental data, etc.

Working with the publisher to attract the best manuscripts and research that will be of interest to readers.

Ensure that all involved in the publication process understand that it is inappropriate to manipulate citations.

Journal Role

Decision-Making: He/she is entitled to carry out decision-making in consultation with reviewers or members of the editorial board.

Impartiality: An Editor should evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without any bias towards race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors.

Confidentiality: The Editor or any Editorial staff must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate depending on the need and stage of processing.